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Find Venoct by TendoTheGamer
Slipper Tribe Yo-Kai
S Rank
Lightning Attribute
Height: Unknown
Weight: Likely weightless, due to being a ghost

S-Rank Yo-Kai, and a powerful one as well
One of the few Yo-Kai with a skill that allows him to charge up his Soul Meter faster
Defeated Red J
-Twice, one including his minions at his side
Brought down Gattenmerier's forcefields
One of the stronger Yo-Kai of Nate's team
-Joined forces with Nate, alongside that
Has a maximum stat total of over 3,000
High chief of the Bony Spirits army
-Second in rank to Arachnus, the Bony Spirits General
-Counterpart to Kyubi, the Fleshy Souls high chief
Fought in the Fleshy Souls vs Bony Spirits war
Stopped Gattenmerier from firing missiles capable of wiping out Earth
Overall counter part to Kyubi
Casually took out a tiger
-Nearly killed it, but Komasan stopped him saying the tiger was "friendly"
--The tiger still holds a grudge
One of the few Yo-Kai who has S-Rank in every alternative form
With his aura snake scarf included, he could be a team of three technically, to some foes eyes
-Though he creates the dragon snake scarf on his own
Two out of three of his Yo-Kai Watch Busters stats are S-Rank
Casually on tier with Jibanyan, who's Mountain Level
-Some display of his strength shocked Jibanyan
Assisted Nate in going against McKraken, and knew exactly what he was going to have to face

Image result for venoct gif yo-kai
-Broke part of a stone floor with a single punch
-Attacks have shown to damage the likes of McKraken
-Dragon snake scarves have high amounts of power in them and their attacks
--Uses them as his Soultimate, so it's normally displayed as his strongest power in games
---Likely not though, but they're made of his aura
-In Yo-Kai Watch Busters, Strength stat is at B Rank
-Max Power stat is 840
-Max Spirit stat is 1180
-His normal attacks can do up to 120 damage, which is insanely high for a non legendary or boss Yo-Kai
--Even impressive for a boss Yo-Kai to have that power, for most of them
-Broke Gattenmeier's force field to literally save the planet from being blown up
-Tanked hits from McKraken
-Used to taking tons of damage, fighting in wars
--In the war, he could of been taking on several Yo-Kai in one charge, as he was a major leader in the Bony Spirits section
-Max Defense stat is 760
-Max HP stat is 1020
--Lowest stat of his
-Tanked hits from Red J
-Tanked being thrown into a large rock, after being inspirited by Cuttincheez
-Survived being beat by Nate's Yo-Kai
--In Yo-Kai Watch 1, the only known canon Yo-Kai Nate was using was Jibanyan
---After this, Venoct joined the canon team until the next game
-Like all Yo-Kai, able to teleport
-Appeared in front of Nate in an instant to block a blast from Slimamander
-Kept up with McKraken in battle
-Kept up with several Yo-Kai in the Bony Spirits vs Fleshy Souls war
-Max Speed stat is 1220
--Highest stat overall
-Lightning Attribute, which they're all usually high speed Yo-Kai
-Slippery Tribe, which are usually all high speed as well
-Lightning Attribute + Slippery Tribe = Really fast

-Basic attack move
-Basic Lightning Attribute move
Venoct's Blessing
-Slows down an enemy
-Charges up his Soul Meter faster
Octo Snake
-Soultimate Move
-Uses his dragon snake aura scarves to attack any enemies in range
-Showed to be able to create force fields when blocking an attack from Slimamander
-Basic Yo-Kai move
--Poofs into a purple cloud to vanish, or appear


-Rank S
-Lightning Attribute
-Brave Tribe
-One of the alternate forms of Venoct, but not exactly a transformation to somewhat odds
-Yo-Kai Watch pad claims "his heart is bright as the sun"
--Slugma has a rival now
-Has the same Maul and Voltage attacks Venoct does
-Holy Light
--Inspirits himself or an ally, restoring HP
-Light Aura
--Heals HP of nearby allies
-Dragon Flash
--Illuminoct's edition of Octo Snake

Shadow Venoct
-Rank S
-Lightning Attribute
-Slippery Tribe
-One of the alternate forms of Venoct, but unlike Illuminoct, follows in the Slippery Tribe continuation
-Primarily an assassin
-Likely the stronger of the duo of alternate forms
-Has Venoct's usual Maul attack
--Heals himself or a ally
--Normally not targeted for attacks
--Able to dodge attacks easily
--Makes enemies ignore his allies
---Combine with Secrecy, and on a team battle that's OP
-Shadow Dragon
--Shadow Venoct's edition of Octo Snake

Image result for venoct gif yo-kai
Not entirely smart in base form
-Mistakes Red J for Jibanyan
-Mistakes Mighty Dog for Komasan
Illuminoct and Shadow Venoct are support based Yo-Kai
-Illuminoct is a healer
-Shadow Venoct can heal, but is primarily stealth based
Illuminoct and Shadow Venoct are also not exactly transformations
-Both are S Rank like Venoct
Defense stat is lower then the others
Bony Spirits exclusive

(Venoct: We cannot, by any circumstances, allow him to go any farther. He must leave. Either by his own will... or by my force!")
Welp, glad there's some highly DB usable Yo-Kai out there that aren't Jibanyan. Venoct's one of my favorite Yo-Kai (and I intend to use him in Season 3 sometime), so I decided to write a bio for him.

Venoct belongs to Level 5.
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yugioh1985 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Filmographer

Sweet picture. Question: Is it okay with you if I borrow Venoct image for a special request, please? With you permission and promise to give you credit after the picture is done, okay? 

magnadefender2 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
What episode was he in
Venoct Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
His official height is 140cm.
TendoTheGamer Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Student Writer
Oh, thanks.
Venoct Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Orochi~! ^^
Zoomdooge123 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Cool bio.
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